Best Books for ages 10-14 #7: ‘The Hobbit’ by J R R Tolkien (1937)

‘The Hobbit’, prequel to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy – which also featured in our ‘Best of’ book series list! – is loved world-over by children and adults alike.

It’s an adventure novel, telling the story of Bilbo Baggins, an unsuspecting hobbit (a race of very short people living in Middle-earth) who unwittingly ends up as part of a quest in search of treasure.

With a lot of humour and plenty of intriguing detail, the story is a popular children’s book, although with many parts a little too scary for the under-tens.

If you like tales of dragons and elves, mysterious forests and hidden gold, ‘The Hobbit’ has a lot to offer you.

By the same author: The Lord of the Rings trilogy


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