Best Book Series #10: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J R R Tolkien

Written largely during the Second World War, The Lord of the Rings is, as a trilogy, one of the best-selling books of all time. Originally written as a follow-up to Tolkien’s children’s novel, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings tells the tale of Frodo Baggins and his companions as they seek to destroy a magic ring with evil powers.

Although the novels are high-fantasy – which means that the magical elements and middle-earth setting don’t appeal to everyone – the stories have developed an immense cult following over the years. Too long for all but the most adventurous young readers, the books are perfect for young adults or the young at heart. The highly vivid adventures are considered by many to be part of the greatest fantasy story of all time, full of humour and excitement. Read with younger children who’ve enjoyed The Hobbit, or give to teens to enjoy themselves – it’s a series that will last a lifetime in your hearts!

Series List:

The Fellowship of the Ring (1954)

The Two Towers (1954)

The Return of the King (1955)

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