Why Do You Need To Check Your Work?

People make mistakes. That much is true. But it’s always worth correcting those mistakes and looking through your work. Pick your writing apart and ask yourself a few questions:

Does it make sense? Are you using correct punctuation and grammar, making sure to do even the simple things like capital letters and full stops? Even the best writers still need to proofread and revise what they have written, before sending their work on to their editors or teachers.

Is the information I have included crucial to my writing? Often you’ll waffle, without even realising it: you’ll trail off, talking about the same thing over and over again; just talking about it until you finally find a way to end the sentence because you’ve talked about how you waffle on, and on… like that. If you’re writing a story, be descriptive, but don’t overdo it. If you’re a journalist, stick to the facts and don’t trail off into the realms of opinion.

The most crucial thing to remember is to look objectively at your work. In other words, don’t say it’s good just because it’s yours. You have be able to point out flaws in your own work while checking through, and always correct them! There is nothing wrong with self-correction.

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