The Arts are undervalued in schools, scientists argue

Last week saw an alliance between the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Creative Industries Federation, who came together to emphasise the importance of creative and cultural experiences for young people.

They claim that the creative industries contribute £77bn a year to the UK economy, which represents around 5% of our GDP, and is therefore nothing to scoff at.

The report recommends that students follow a “mixed portfolio of qualifications” whilst at school, to include both sciences and creative subjects, alongside a framework of numeracy and literacy. They report that only a mixture of these subjects can provide the comprehensive background needed to thrive in many of the UK’s creative industries, for example cinema, gaming and the music industry.

A spokesman for the Department for Education claimed that more money is being provided to support music, art and cultural education in schools,  as they play a ‘key role’ in its balanced curriculum.

At Bringing Words to Life, we recognise the importance of the creative, not only as an important skill for employability, but also as a fundamental tool for self-expression and engagement with society. By encouraging young, vulnerable or underprivileged people to engage with writing and journalism, we hope to help them play a significant role – both socially and economically – in our society.

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