Margaret Atwood will be published in 2114

A new project known as Future Library has this week been announced. The project is to collect one piece of fiction per year from a different author, and keep them in storage until the project’s eventual publication date in 2114.

Margaret Atwood – recipient of the Booker Prize – is the first author whose collaboration with the project has been announced. She would turn 175 in the year the work is published for the first time, but failing incredible advances in human medicine, she will not live to see what the world thinks of her final publication.

The project, located in Oslo, Norway, has involved the planting of a thousand trees, on which the stories will eventually be printed. The Future Library Trust, made up of high flying members of the publishing industry, will invite one writer per year to contribute a text until they are published as an ensemble, 99 years from now.

Who knows what sort of world will set eyes on this year’s story? And who knows what kind of story the world will set eyes on! At Bringing Words to Life, we cannot believe we won’t live to see the final result of such an incredible art project.

Watch the video here: Future Library Project

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