Best Books for ages 10-14 #6: ‘Skellig’ by David Almond (1998)

There’s a lot of debate over whether this multi-award winning novel is a children’s book, or simply a book suitable for children. The protagonist, Michael, is a young boy who has just moved to a new house. His parents, preoccupied with the serious health problems of his new baby sister, leave him to his own devices, and when he explores the garage of his new house, he discovers an unusual man, ill and hungry.

The story combines lots of elements – love, growth and myth being the most important – while it charts Michael’s changing relationship with the mysterious man in his garage.

Whilst the book is often taught in primary schools for its interesting themes and mantra of hope, there are few adults who do not fall for the charm of the innocent friendship between Michael and Mina, and the curious Skellig.

By the same author: ‘Kit’s Wilderness’, ‘The Fire-Eaters’ and more. 

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