Best Books for ages 10-14 #1: Holes by Louis Sachar (1998)

Winner of multiple awards including the 1999 ‘Newbery Medal’, ‘Holes’ tells the story of an overweight teenage boy named Stanley Yelnats, who always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Convicted of a crime he did not commit, Stanley finds himself sent to the foreboding Camp Green Lake, where he has to keep his head down and make friends in order to survive.

Flitting between the modern day and the 1880s, the story offers a lot of perspectives. Gritty yet hilarious, silly yet deep, ‘Holes’ offers something for everyone of every age. A staple of the modern-day classroom, ‘Holes’ is a great read for an ambitious 8-year-old or a reluctant adult and everyone inbetween.

Adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 2001, ‘Holes’ also has two sequels which continue the mystery and adventure of the original. A story which throws into question the notion of justice and the reliability of the adults in the novel, ‘Holes’ is a haunting tale of friendship and what is right. It will stay with you.

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