10-year-olds worried SATS will impact future

A new study conducted on behalf of a cereal brand donating breakfasts to schools has found that many 10-year-old children are afraid of the potential impact of poor SATs results.

68% of children surveyed admitted to feeling pressured, and 55% claimed to be worried about the future if they failed to achieve the required standard. 20% of pupils felt their concentration was impaired due to feelings of nervousness, and 22% reported being unable to sleep during the exam period.

This report follows last month’s study by the National Union of Teachers, which found that self-harming and eating disorders are linked to the strong focus on exams found in schools.

At Bringing Words to Life, we believe that all children and young people should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, but too great a focus on exams can prove counterproductive. That’s why our writing projects are interest-led. When given the opportunity to write about topics that truly interest them, in a supportive environment, children are able to express themselves and make true gains in their literacy.

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